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2018 Architecture Articles


TQ has started doing launch parties for the magazine, which I think is incredibly fun despite the fact that I haven’t managed to attend yet. However, I just got the invite for the Mountain Home 2019 party and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to make this one! After all, I wrote SIX stories for this issue (five homes plus the Arts profile), and it’s taking place at Reno’s Nevada Museum of Art, which is an amazing venue and conveniently close by.

The invite also contains links to last year’s Home Award winners, which reminded me that I haven’t updated this site with my more current published articles in at least that long (and, let’s be honest, probably much longer). That being said, since I finished with this round of work, I decided it’s time to get some of those stories onto the interwebs. I’ll try to get more uploaded at some point, but here are my architecture stories for the 2018 Mountain Home issue:

Clockwise from top left: Simply Majestic; PRE-tty FAB-ulous; Relax, Rejoice, Retreat; Interior Divine


TQ Office Day

Want to know the only thing better than having a baby in the office? Doubling up on cuteness and adding a puppy! A TQ coworker brought her seven-week-old toy Australian shepherd, a ridiculously sweet ball of fluff named Rover. Rover had never seen a baby and Willa had never seen a puppy, and watching them try to figure each other out was about my favorite thing in the world (at least, until Rover tried to eat Willa and Willa tried to pull out Rover’s fur).

Babies and puppies aside, the Winter issue of TQ is looking fabulous! Appropriate timing, as weather has moved in and it’s really starting to feel like winter here. Mt. Rose is even sporting a coat of snow. Anyway, final edit next week and then Winter gets shipped off and it’s time to work on Mountain Home!

Eagle’s Eye Write-Up

I almost forgot to post this, but this was my first write-up! I’ve spent the past eight or nine years doing literally hundreds of interviews, so it was very cool to be on the other end of that process. Caroline Coughlin, a writer in SNC’s intro to journalism class, did the interview and article and I thought she did a very professional job. It was also really cool to contrast my expectations to what the interview actually entailed. I assumed there’d be more of a focus on the writing I’d done with Tahoe Quarterly and freelance, but it was much more far-reaching, going all the way back to my growing up in a university town and watching my mom’s job as a journalist.

Anyway, very fun, though for the record, my photo got stretched horizontally in the layout. I’m not really that wide!

ACP in DC!


Back last week from a fabulous trip to Washington D.C. with my students for a national journalism conference. I hadn’t been there in a decade or so and I forget how wonderful that city is—so many museums, history and culture, and never enough time!

img_9989-1We went for the Associated Collegiate Press National Conference. Got in Wednesday night, spent Thursday morning sightseeing and ducking into museums, then got to the conference headquarters at the Grand Hyatt in time to get registered and grab seats to see Donna Brazile, the DNC chairwoman. She was incredible—not only was she incredibly interesting, but she was so much fun. I wanted to go out for drinks with her. And she was just the kick-off to other great speakers: On Friday, we heard from Bob Woodward (Bob fricking Woodward of Watergate fame!), then Saturday we had Edward Snowden beamed live from his secret location to address us. He was wonderful. When he got a huge ovation, he remarked that journalists are about the last group that like him. He, too, was wonderful. Both he and Woodward both had a lot to say about the importance of journalism, as well as how the future rests in the hands of the audience. I found them both incredibly inspirational.

In the meantime, some really great panels during the day. I listened to a surprisingly interesting one about the Freedom of Information Act, one about covering diversity, dealing with sexual assault victims with empathy, and a slew of other timely and informative topics.

img_0006-1Besides the great conference, I got to see my brother and his girlfriend, plus enjoy three full nights that I didn’t have to worry about a child waking me up in the night! The students got a ton out of the conference, too, and got to get in some additional sightseeing after I ducked out on Saturday afternoon to catch an earlier flight back so I could be home for my daughter’s fourth birthday. Anyway, great event and great to be in D.C. just two weeks before the election!

TQ Home Tours Begin!

It’s my favorite time of the year: TQ Mountain Home tours! I’m constantly amazed by the amount of talent displayed by local architects, builders and interior designers. On Tuesday, we had our first set of tours: a house in Alpine Meadows, a property at Squaw Valley and a remodel at Sugar Bowl. All very impressive (and make me want to remodel my own home).

IMG_4801Since we ended at Sugar Bowl, I used the opportunity to hike Mt. Judah, my favorite Tahoe trail. The best part, I think, is scrambling on the boulders that are just off the trail; there are some amazing views of Donner Lake and the mountains to the east.

I couldn’t make the tours today, but I have two more days of touring next week. Very excited to see the rest of the homes and can’t wait to hear what the experts on our tour panel make of them all!


Today, I was stopping by Bibo’s (my favorite chai latte spot in Reno—the only place I’ve found that uses powder instead of concentrate, which makes ALL the difference) and decided to run into the Freckled Frog, in the same plaza. On Tuesday, I’d gone by this beautiful French country estate for an interview for the Winter issue, and the homeowner told me that the owner of the Freckled Frog helped with a lot of the design. She wasn’t in, but the store is incredibly cute and I picked up my first Christmas gift of the season! Freelancing—0; Christmas shopping—1.

Autumn Food & Wine

Melon & caviar from Wolfdale's

Melon & caviar from Wolfdale’s

What a fun day! On Sunday, I got to join TQ  food and wine editor Sue Rock at Northstar California’s Autumn Food & Wine Grand Tasting event. This is a decadent event. Restaurants pair with wineries to create the perfect culinary concoction. It was impressive: wineries such as Orin Swift, Failla and ZD paired with eateries like Mikuni, D’Lish Catering and Pianeta. I particularly liked the duck sausage from Campo (which sat on a delectable duck fat-fried potato skin), the duck nachos from Sunnyside, the melon/caviar dish from Wolfdales and the most glorious bacon ever (it was topped with peanut brittle and an onion relish) from an Orlando bbq joint.

We had some haze from the California wildfires, but the lack of sun kept it cool, which was nice. I went back for seconds at a couple of spots, and stuffed myself so much that I didn’t need to eat at all Monday. A very well-presented, delicious event, and a big thanks for Northstar California for the hospitality and Sue for letting me tag along with her! Now, if only I could find a way to recreate that peanut brittle bacon…

TQ Proof

I just finished up two days of proofing for TQ’s Best of Tahoe issue. It’s a beautiful issue, and I’ve cried editing it twice now—once for a moving Through the Lens photo, again for the very sweet feature piece written by Jen Schmidt. The magazine looks great and will be on stands around Tahoe/Reno in early May.

And, if I didn’t love proofing days enough already, Jen came by the office with a four-pack of beer that Kyle and I split. Really, getting to write and edit and being thanked in beer… I’m pretty happy with my job!

TQ Ski & Ride 2014-15

TQ Winter cover

Proud to report that the Ski & Ride issue of Tahoe Quarterly is on stands and it looks beautiful! This is a fun issue—some interesting stories, including one about the expansion of the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Center and another exploring Granite Chief Wilderness. For the Arts section, I profiled the concertmaster for the Reno Philharmonic (as well as the Nevada Opera and Reno Chamber Orchestra), Dr. Ruth Lenz. She’s an incredibly talented violinist, who manages to balance her numerous musical organizations, teaching violin and life with two young children, as well as her hobbies, which include hiking and horses. Very impressive!

In other news, I finished proofing the Winter issue of TQ on Wednesday (look for it on stands the first or second week of December!) and spent Thursday interviewing and touring for three of the articles I’m writing for the Mountain Home issue. Some beautiful—and very inspired—homes. I came out of my last tour determined to build a living wall of succulents inside my home. That resolve quickly faded, but it was very cool to see it done well in someone else’s home!

Getting Home Award Ready!

Last week, I went into the TQ office for some pizza and to help sort through the applications for the Mountain Home Awards. The Home issue is my favorite magazine of the year: It’s incredible to tour these houses, which are such labors of love, and then talk to the various architects, contractors and homeowners when writing up the articles. This year promises to be a good one—Tahoe Quarterly received more than 40 applications, including some absolutely stunning projects. It comes as no surprise that much of the development is in Martis Camp, near Northstar California, which boasts really unique and very high-end mountain homes. Anyway, fun day at the office choosing the best submissions, and I can’t wait to see these places in person when we tour!