Autumn Food & Wine

Melon & caviar from Wolfdale's

Melon & caviar from Wolfdale’s

What a fun day! On Sunday, I got to join TQ  food and wine editor Sue Rock at Northstar California’s Autumn Food & Wine Grand Tasting event. This is a decadent event. Restaurants pair with wineries to create the perfect culinary concoction. It was impressive: wineries such as Orin Swift, Failla and ZD paired with eateries like Mikuni, D’Lish Catering and Pianeta. I particularly liked the duck sausage from Campo (which sat on a delectable duck fat-fried potato skin), the duck nachos from Sunnyside, the melon/caviar dish from Wolfdales and the most glorious bacon ever (it was topped with peanut brittle and an onion relish) from an Orlando bbq joint.

We had some haze from the California wildfires, but the lack of sun kept it cool, which was nice. I went back for seconds at a couple of spots, and stuffed myself so much that I didn’t need to eat at all Monday. A very well-presented, delicious event, and a big thanks for Northstar California for the hospitality and Sue for letting me tag along with her! Now, if only I could find a way to recreate that peanut brittle bacon…


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