What a Year!

So apparently it’s been more than a year since I’ve updated, but I guess it’s been more than a year for a lot of things so I’m not going to let that get to me. And what a year, right?! Here in Nevada, it seems like we are moving in the right direction. Lots of vaccinations (I was able to get my second just this past Saturday!) and the state has been steadily opening up. In fact, the Mustang Ranch—one of Reno’s infamous brothels—recently reopened. You know things must be getting better when brothels are considered “safe” again!

Personally, the past year has been a mental struggle as much as anything else. My kids finished up last year with distance learning but then went back to in-person learning last fall. And even though they were in school, there was always the chance their classes would be excluded due to positive cases (as happened several times for us). My preschooler had it tough, too: Her school shut entirely for three weeks last fall when several teachers and one or two older preschoolers tested positive.

Between Covid and four kids, I haven’t been writing. It’s felt strange not writing for Tahoe Quarterly, and a little heart-breaking to turn down assignments, especially for the Mountain Home issue, which is my favorite of all. I did find time (eventually) to read the issue and it was fabulous. Difficult to put together, I’m sure, as most of the projects weren’t available to physically tour, but a great read nonetheless, so big shoutout to my editor Sylas and the very resilient TQ writers!

I am heartened by the fact that—between vaccinations, schools staying open and reopened brothels—we seem to be at a turning point. I’m very hopeful that things continue to look up… and that there’s writing in my future again soon!


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