My Yearly (or So) Update

Well, I may not be good at updating my website, but pleased to report that I HAVE been writing plenty in the past year and a half since my last blog post. Most recently, I wrote three articles in the 2023 Mountain Home issue of Tahoe Quarterly, which came out in March. And, I’ve started contributing to California Homes magazine! The features are shorter, about 400 words, but it’s so fun exploring architecture and design in other areas. The first home I wrote about is in Sonoma, and I’m working on a second feature, which is actually a home based in Tahoe. So, firmly in my area of expertise!

The Cal Home feature isn’t online yet, but here are some links to the recent TQ articles. Slopeside Magic is about a snowboard home in Sugar Bowl Village. Because the first level often gets totally covered, the main entrance is on the second floor, and they’ve also got a ski-in/ski-out entrance on the lower level.

Market Research is about the Truckee Grocery Outlet. Truckee’s a very cool, historic town, and I love that the architect, Kurt Reinkens, is so passionate about what he calls the “Truckee funk,” or a new style that pays homage to Truckee’s past without trying to fake a historic style. And there was all sort of drama, to include permits for like three different grocery stores being submitted at the same time and some issues with neighbors and the Grocery Outlet brand, with getting this place built, so it’s an interesting story also!

And Inside the Jewelry Box is a beautifully designed home in Martis Camp. Martis Camp homes are traditionally elegant, but this one is extra on every level; I love the color schemes, love the material choices, love it all. And the interior designer, Emily Roose, is super sweet and helpful! And a great building design by Todd Mather of TGM Architect.

Anyway. Hopefully it won’t take me another year and a half until my next update. I’m sure a lot else has happened since my previous post in October 2021 (otherwise, I’d really have no excuse for this taking so long!). Lots of books read, other articles written, although at the moment I’m blanking on all of it. I’m blaming the four children, who manage to occupy the rest of my time, for that.


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