Writing Again!

I was so excited to get my Ski & Ride issue of Tahoe Quarterly! I haven’t been writing much lately (juggling four kids’ schedules plus the daily difficulties of a toddler going through a terrible two streak is not helping my productivity) but I was psyched to take on this Arts piece for TQ!

The Nevada Museum of Art is running an exhibition on Lorenzo Latimer, a landscape artist born in 1857. Latimer traveled to Fallen Leaf Lake, near Lake Tahoe, in 1914, where he often hosted workshops. Two of his participants were Reno women who convinced the artist to come to the Biggest Little City to teach. Latimer began spending time annually in Reno and his students became the founding members of a group known as the Latimer Art Club–a club which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year and was instrumental to the Reno art scene. In fact, the LAC played a big role in the founding of the Nevada Art Museum 90 years ago.

Today, the LAC has a membership of about 90 artists and throughout the air hosts art shows, a scholarship and, in honor of Lorenzo Latimer’s signature style, plein air painting sessions. I think it’s so amazing that an artist’s work can last and inspire for generations. The NMA exhibit is very well curated, with paintings that not only show Latimer’s work, but also those done by his first group of about seven students. It’s amazing to see how his work influences their styles, and I especially enjoyed seeing Latimer’s painting beside that of Minerva Pierce’s, where they both painted the same scene (and, in truth, I preferred Pierce’s take).

Anyway, a big thank you to the Ferraro Group and the NMA for giving me a wonderful tour and a ton of information. And a big congrats to Sylas and the rest of the TQ staff on another fabulous issue–Ski & Ride is on stands now!


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