Best of Tahoe 2016 on Stands!


The Best of Tahoe issue is in! I love this issue: It’s where we celebrate all the wonderful things (and there are a lot) that we love about Lake Tahoe.

I had a really interesting piece to write: I approached seven artists (well, eight, but one didn’t get back to me) and asked them to choose an artwork that, to them, represented Lake Tahoe and explain how that particular piece embodied the Tahoe spirit. It was really interesting to see the responses. There were, as you’d imagine, some of the “typical” lake artworks, like paintings of the beautiful turquoise waters at Sand Harbor. But there were a surprising number of pieces that captured the forest over the lake, which made me wonder if, perhaps, though the lake is Tahoe’s most defining feature, the forest may be its soul. Anyway, a lot of great artwork: paintings, photographs, some abstract, some vividly realistic, even one piece that was made using the forces of Tahoe weather through cold winters, lake water and night winds.

A fun piece to write, but there are lots of other good stories inside, as well. I love Wendy Hudnall’s photo essay featuring aerial views of Lake Tahoe, the history piece about George Whittell Jr. and the home design piece on actress Nancy Travis’ Martis Camp estate.

Now, time to get working on the Summer issue!


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