SNC Printing Press Field Trip

Browsing the paper, hot off the presses!

 Had a great field trip with members of Sierra Nevada College’s Eagle’s Eye down to Carson City yesterday! Tanya (whose two classes I took over for the semester) organizes this trip every year or so. It was very cool: We went to the Nevada Appeal, Carson’s daily newspaper, which is also the site where the Eagle’s Eye is printed. First, we toured the building. The editor was out sick, but a huge shout-out to Chris, who gave a very informative tour! We met Taylor, one of the staff reporters, who talked a little about her beats covering crime and breaking news. Then we watched the newspaper get printed. It’s a really remarkable process, and one I’d never seen before. The newsprint looks like giant rolls of receipt paper (though they can weigh 3,000 pounds) and between the inking, aligning, color corrections and everything, it’s a very intense process. It was so cool, though, to see the newspapers rolling off the conveyor at the end. Also, when you realize how many people work to make the paper a reality—beyond those people writing, editing, designing and taking photos—it really makes it all that more incredible to hold the final copy in your hand. Nevada Appeal prints some 30 papers at the facility, from papers south to Bishop and east to Winnemucca.

Anyway, great trip, finished with brunch at the Cracker Box, and got to hold the newspaper a day before the printed date, so a success all around!


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