Eagle’s Eye, issue 3

I’ve been teaching at Sierra Nevada College for about a month and a half now, and I’m loving it! The first couple of weeks were a little hard—I had a ton of information, activities, quizzes and such from the woman whose class I took over, but it was still a challenge trying to keep it all organized and figure out what was happening on a day-by-day basis, while also planning ahead. I’m still learning, but I feel like I’m on more firm footing now. And I really enjoy the students and being back in college.

Anyway, my classes just published the third issue of the Eagle’s Eye for this semester! My journalism class produces the bulk of the stories, while my editing class writes and lays out the newspaper. I wrote for Penn State’s school newspaper, the Daily Collegian, in college, but I was never around for production night, and I’m amazed by all the pieces—making stories and photos fit, dealing with articles that don’t get turned in, the elements of design and graphics, creating ads. It’s been really interesting to watch.

We’ve got midterms tomorrow, then a week off for Spring Break (woohoo, Spring Break 2016, baby!). Then we return and immediately go into production on our fourth issue. I’m hoping everyone remembers to do their articles over the break—between student travel, jobs, competitions (two students are currently at Nationals in New York) and the ease of just blowing things off due to vacation, it could be iffy, but, as I’m learning, what’s the fun of producing a newspaper without a couple disasters along the way?


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