TQ Collaging


My kids have had a looong winter break—three weeks off from preschool, plus my babysitter and daycare provider were out of town. So it hasn’t been great for productivity, but it has been a lot of fun! Last week, the girls and I went to the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum for kids. I love this place—there is a room for kids five and under, a three-story high “cloud climber,” rooms for science and experiments, a model of the Truckee River. The only bad thing is that, when nap time comes, it’s hard to get my children to leave. Anyway, we were in the art room, where the featured project was to create Salvador Dali-type projects. There were a variety of magazines from which to cut out pictures, including a bunch of old Tahoe Quarterly’s! My daughter loved seeing my name in print, and cut out my byline from an old Arts article to paste onto her collage. Fun day at the museum, and always nice to see where the magazine (sometimes unexpectedly) ends up!


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