My children have had coughs that get worse at bedtime, so I haven’t slept much the past two nights. Kids are finally feeling better, which was great for many reasons, chief among them that I was been exhausted. So I tried to go to bed tonight and it was like I’d forgotten how—my brain wouldn’t turn off. Since my brain isn’t tired enough to sleep, and not lucid enough to do anything creative, I’m finally updating my website with a few more recent articles!

Some of my favorite stories are from the Arts department. I was lucky enough to interview three super talented artists (visual artist Phyllis Shafer, literary artist Ellen Hopkins and performing artist Rosine Bena) in the Best of Tahoe article A Talented Trio. I’ve also recently profiled the watercolor artist Joyce Major (whom Tahoe has recently lost to a move to Hawaii) and sculptor Pat Blide.

I’ve also added links to one of my favorite articles from the Mountain Home issue, Storied Spaces, which is about the Beck home in Martis Camp, and the feature I wrote for the Winter issue about local athletes who were contenders for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. It was incredibly cool to talk with such amazing athletes, and it made the Olympics even more fun to watch—I felt like I was cheering on old friends as I watched Reno’s David Wise and South Lake’s Maddie Bowman scoop up gold medals.

That’s all the website updating I have in me for tonight, so here’s hoping my insomnia has passed and my brain can return to normal for tomorrow!


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