Slowly Starting Back Up


Well, I’ve had about three weeks of absolute summer—days at the beach, the pool, the park, playing with friends and just snuggling with my girls—and now things are slowly starting back up. I spent this morning editing articles for TQ’s Ski + Ride issue, and I’ve already been emailing back and forth about my latest TQ story and am now just waiting on contact information for my interviewees. I’m pretty psyched about this story, in part because I don’t really know what the actual story is, but in my head it’s the local version of the Von Trapp family.

The morning was busy, but I had some time this afternoon so I took my dog and we did a three-mile hike up a Galena trail that led into Mt. Rose Wilderness. I’d never taken the trail this direction before (before, it was always too steep and I was too pregnant) but it was a great climb and absolutely beautiful. I’d just watched Pocahontas with my daughters, so I felt very one with nature as I sang with all the voices of the mountains and painted with all the colors of the wind. The trail had been a last-minute decision—I’d planned to do a shorter hike and I didn’t even bring water—so I still have a lot of exploring to do. While I’m lovign summer, this is one of the benefits of real life starting back up: When kids are in daycare and I spend a morning editing, this is the way I like to reward myself!


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