Sweet Summertime!


While daughter 1 is on summer vacation from preschool, it feels like I’m on summer break, too. And not the kind of summer break where I’m pulling out my hair trying to figure out what to do: This is like summer break when I was little, when there’s nothing on the calendar and weeks of long, warm, wonderful days ahead! I know that, for a freelancer, an empty calendar should be a terrible thing, but I sent the monthly newsletter for Star Resort Group this week, I just got my Summer issue of Tahoe Quarterly in the mail and I don’t have another TQ deadline for awhile. I know time will fly and things will start back up again before I know it so so I’m enjoying this time while I have it… days on the beach, walks in the woods, playing with kiddos and plenty of time with friends. And with that, time to log off and get back to summer time and easy living!


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