To speak the lingo, my work-in-progress (or WIP) is actually progressing! About a month ago, I made the decision to really focus on the most complete of my projects, which is forcing me to finally finish one of my many WIPs. For this one (title still undecided—that seems to be the hardest part!), there were a lot of scenes that needed cleaned up and clarified, and it’s been great to actually deal with all the incomplete areas versus brushing them off. I started by taking a couple of hours and re-outlining the entire novel scene-by-scene, adding in notes about where things needed smoothed or reworked or if there were events or people or props that popped up out of the blue in one place and would need introduced somewhere else. It’s also allowed me to add scenes and add depth that I hadn’t realized was necessary in the half-assed, skim-through revisions I was doing earlier.

Anyway, I’m in the final chapters, though there are some pretty messy scenes that need some reworking. However, once I finish, then I think I’ll be onto my final revision—a read-through for grammar, sentence structure, word choices and tense consistency. With my toddler asleep and my 3-year-old occupied watching Care Bears, I think I’m going to pour a glass of wine and see how much I can get done. On a side note, my definition of a wild Friday night has definitely changed.


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