Out of Limbo?

I’ve been in limbo with my own work. Part of the problem is that I’ve had so much to work on. I have one novel that’s written but needs extensive revision, one that WAS written, then I realized I started in the wrong spot and there’s very little that can be reused, and a newer project that I was excited about, but is in the very beginning stages. The way I’ve been going is that I’d just work on whatever I was excited about, but after two years switching enthusiasms and never completing anything, I needed a new course of action. SO. I’ve decided to start with my closest-to-done and work down the line, which is actually kind of exciting because it should force me to complete something, even if it’s not the project I’m the most passionate about at the moment. So, that means it’s time for me to start revising novel #1! I’d already rewritten about half of it, so it’s not in terrible shape, and I think the characters and the plot are pretty well thought out. Still, I’m dreading the rewrite: It’s the forming of decent sentences that’s giving me trouble. In my mind, I’m still just trying to get words on paper. Now that they are there, and I need to manipulate them into something lyrically pleasing, I’m having the hardest time with it. Well, that and the fact that, with two small children, it’s hard to find time during which I can focus (an example: as I’m writing this, three-year-old is asking me for a third time to explain the plot of Beauty and the Beast).


One response to “Out of Limbo?

  1. Haha (for the last line!) 🙂 There is a famous quote that says things seem impossible until its done ~ Nelson Mandela.

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