Resolution Fail

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to post more often. Sadly, I’m also failing on the New Year’s resolutions to keep my house clean and to get rid of the baby weight (the baby is now 18 months old). Oh well.

Anyway, lots of good stuff going on! I finished two very fun articles for TQ‘s Best of Tahoe issue and recently got to enjoy a cooking demo by Flare Chef, a Tahoe-area expert in “culinary entertainment,” which includes some pretty cool fire demonstrations and knife tricks (I may have moved farther away when he started juggling knives). I did a small job for a freelance editor, which will hopefully turn into additional work, and I just finished proofreading the Tahoe Forest Health System magazine.

I’ve got some new articles for TQ that should be fun and will be in the office this week and next to proof the Best of Tahoe issue. I recently began re-editing one of my novels that has been a work-in-progress for the past few years, and kind of started another project that I think has potential, but that I just need to find some time for. For as much time as I spend playing Anna and Elsa from Frozen, I should probably be able to find a little more free time to write!


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