Well, I think I’m finally caught up! My convalescence in January totally threw me off, and I’ve been playing catch up for the past month. I wrote three Home Awards pieces for TQ, one artist profile, I got through all the editing in my inbox, sent out the Star Resort newsletter and just inserted the additional revisions to the erotic novel I’ve been editing. But the surest sign that I’ve finally gotten through my work is that I’ve FINALLY gotten around to doing my invoicing! I love the writing side, not so much the financials… Anyway, on Friday I go into the TQ offices to proof the Mountain Home issue (SO excited to see it laid out!), then one more proof on Wednesday, and then I think I have a break. After the flurry of the past few weeks, it feels well deserved. I have a spa gift certificate I’ve been meaning to use for the past year, so I think I know how I’m going to spend my free time…


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