Back at it!

Back to Tahoe! Traveling solo with children is rough. Doing it with a broken toe is even worse. My one-year-old fell asleep for the first two hours of our five-hour flight, which was great except that it meant that I couldn’t move my foot for all that time, and it definitely did not like being immobilized. My three-year-old dropped the one-year-old on her nose in the airport, and it was a bloodbath. The three-year-old had an “accident” on the second flight, then spilled my wine on herself when she stuck a straw in it thinking it was apple juice. So basically, between the three of us, we landed in Reno covered in a mixture of tears, blood, urine and wine (which is more often how people leave Reno).

Anyway, despite the fact that I barely left the couch during my convalescence, I managed to complete almost no work. So on Monday, the kids go to daycare and I get to put up my bad foot and spend the day writing about art and architecture. Welcome to my happy place!


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