Current Projects

I’m so excited about my current projects! For TQ, I’ve got a couple of stories lined up, one of which involves talking with local Winter Olympic hopefuls, the other interviewing a South Shore artist who rediscovered painting after a growth was removed from the right side of his brain. I’m researching the functions of right brain versus the left brain, and it’s really fascinating to see how he changed when his right brain was freed from this growth.

My other project is really fun: I’d been back and forth with a client about editing her novel and recently completed Chapter 1 as a sample to ensure that she liked my work. I’m having a blast editing it (not only is it the first novel I’ve undertaken to edit, but it’s an erotic novel!), so I was pretty happy that she likes my editing. I just got the green light to move forward with the rest of the book, so for the next few weeks, it looks like I’ll be splitting my time between arts, athletes and erotica. Quite the combination!


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