PA & Projects

Just back from a two-week hiatus in central PA <3

Just back from a two-week hiatus in central PA ❤

I’ve been bad about updating again, but got back on Tuesday from a wonderful, two-week-long trip to Pennsylvania. Was great spending time with family and passing child-care duties off to more-than-willing grandparents.

Anyway, excited to be back! Lots of projects have been popping up lately, which is always fun. I recently proofed a magazine for the local hospital system, and received a very nice thank-you note, which, I think, reinforces how important it is to get a fresh set of eyes on anything before it goes to print. I’m also meeting a client soon to discuss editing her manuscript, which sounds like it will be a very entertaining read. And I’m staying busy with newsletters and work for upcoming issues of TQ. It’s a nice amount of busy for summertime in Tahoe!


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