Final Proof

TQ home awards-1Sometimes I forget how good it feels to work—to be in an office, talk to people and actually use critical thinking. Not that I don’t enjoy having dance parties and drinking imaginary juice with my toddler—I love it! But, it’s also nice to have adult interaction. And, after our daycare disasters and a couple rounds of pinkeye that meant we were confined to the house, I was starting to crave it a little. Anyway, that’s my way of saying that it was very nice to drop of the two-year-old and head up to Truckee this past Tuesday. I got to have a lunch date with some friends before heading into the office for a final proof of Mountain Home. The issue looks different—some style changes and, as I noted before, some big changes in the masthead—but overall it’s coming together really well! Copies will be available around Lake Tahoe in the coming weeks, or subscribe here.


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