Back in the Edit Saddle


Last week, I went up to Truckee to proofread the first copy of the Mountain Home issue of Tahoe Quarterly. I love the Mountain Home issue—it’s full of incredible architecture, beautiful designs and interesting people. That said, I was a little nervous going into it because of all the change-ups at the magazine: TQ co-founding editor Chaco Mohler left to be replaced by Kyle Magin (who originally came onboard to replace me a year ago in the fall), Jared Swanson of Western Art & Architecture is taking over as publisher, and Anna Whose-Last-Name-I-Don’t-Know is taking over as graphic designer for Allison Monroe. Anna is based in Montana, so right now, Kyle is communicating long distance and she’s emailing proofs that we mark-up and FedEx back. It’s not the best system, but she should be moving this way at some point. Anyway, the magazine definitely looks a little different, but it’s coming together really well. I’ve got one more proof next week and then I’ll be very excited to get my copy in the mail!

On a side note, as a thank-you for coming in, Kyle gave me two gift certificates to Wolfdale’s. I can’t overstate how much I love journalism perks!


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