The Fourth Friend

Last night, I was part of a reading of Tahoe Blues at Reno’s Sundance Books (which is, by the way, an incredibly cool bookstore that I wish I had known about earlier!). Kim Wyatt, the publisher, talked a little about the book: She had received more than 200 submissions and only included 60 from 56 different authors. Because of the vast range of topics (memoirs, romance, nature, apocalyptic futures and ghosts), the book is categorized by shades of blues, and ranges from the lighter “Powder Blue” chapter all the way to the deep “Midnight.” My story, The Fourth Friend, finds itself heading toward the darker end scale at Ultramarine. Besides myself, writers Mark Maynard, Margaret Elysia Garcia, Joan Atkinson and Dana Arlien also spoke. Anyway, a lot of fun to be a part of the event, and very cool to see my name in a published anthology! Lots of good reading in here, so I encourage you to grab a copy through the Bona Fide Books website.


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