Editing on the Go

I have finally joined the modern world; I have an iPad! We’re doing a lot of traveling this summer, so it’s nice to not bring my bulky laptop with me everywhere I go. However, with the iPad’s keypad, it seems much more conducive to editing than to writing, though I’m having a difficult time finding apps geared to editing. The first problem is that I’m cheap; while I have no problem paying for a good app, I first want to be certain it will work the way I want. Secondly, I wanted something like a basic version of Microsoft Word, which doesn’t seem to exist. I considered Pages, which seems to be the ultimate writing app, but has more bells and whistles than I would ever need. So, after some unsuccessful attempts with apps like PlainText and Documents Free, I’m currently using Nocs for editing and synchronizing it to my laptop with Dropbox. It’s not love, but like they say, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your editing app prince!


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