TQ Mountain Home Issue

I am sadly overdue on my updates! In my defense, I’ve been traveling, working, writing and found out a few months ago that I’m pregnant with baby #2. All of that, combined with a rambunctious toddler, makes my free time fairly nonexistent. However, I’m done slacking! Anyway, as I’m currently working on my articles for the Summer issue of TQ, I wanted to make sure that I updated with the Mountain Home Awards, which came out a month ago and is always my favorite of the TQ issues. As always, the photography is gorgeous (please check out the glass home featured on the cover!) and I am inspired to remodel. I wrote three of the Home Awards pieces, all of which feature really incredible homes. The most unusual is the Ward-Young home in Martis Camp, which boasts a curving roof line, exotic materials and a very funky theater room.


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